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Kimberly Anne

Visual Artist, Designer, Content Creator, Manager

London, Canada Studio SHIM



Meet KD Flowscapes

A passion for creating lively, colorful, and joyful works of art is evident in her stunning creations. Her paintings are not only visual delights but also reflect her inner self and connect with others on a personal level. She channels her energy into her paintings with the intention of healing and transforming any hidden anxieties while externalizing her inner visions in a way that resonates with others. As a co-founder of Studio sHIM, Kimbery Anne works alongside other talented artists to create a collaborative space where they can share their passion for art and inspire each other. Through this collective effort, they are able to create unique pieces that showcase their individual styles and perspectives. If you're interested in exploring more of Kimbery Anne's art and her journey as an artist, be sure to follow her on social media. You'll be able to see more of her stunning creations and gain insight into her creative process. Additionally, you'll be able to stay updated on any upcoming events or exhibitions where you can see her work in person.