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Shane Wilcox

Visual Artist & Music Producer/Performer

London, Canada Studio SHIM



Greetings! I'm Shane Wilcox aka TaToE

Art is an essential form of emotional expression. Connecting, sharing stories & showing deep gratitude for this Life. A perfect opportunity to build a business through many offerings. Whether a 50ft custom mural at London International Airport. Or, stickers & reproductions at a festival. It’s what I was born to do. My style is a mixture of many. Originally inspired by my Father’s graphic sign work growing up. Creating lots of commercial Art over the years myself. Nowadays, I really love infusing visionary elements within multi-dimensional presentations. Often highlighting conscious themes that are meant to inspire peaceful moments, positive reflection & constructive conversation. Let's bring your space to life. Whether it's an Airbnb, café, yoga studio, park, hotel, shop or anywhere with walls, I would LOVE to work with YOU!!! WWW.SHANEWILCOXARTIST.COM ___________________________________ I produce & perform Music because it’s always been flowing through my mind. Melody & rhythm channel constantly. Sharing those frequencies are important because they’re meant to help soothe others the way they do for me. Especially when being made in the moment. There’s a special energy we all feel together. WWW.MUSICBYTATOE.COM